Serving Small Ruminants

Small Ruminants Care

We understand you care about your animals’ well-being. Gull Lake Veterinary Services treats your small ruminants with compassion. We have the knowledge and experience to provide veterinary services for sheep, goats, and other animals, including camelids. Whether your herd requires vaccinations, kid or lamb management, or reproductive support, our team can provide the care your animals' needs.

Reproductive Services

The reproductive health of your sheep or goats is essential for the growth of your farm. Our reproductive health management services help you along the way, including determining fertility for both males and females, pregnancy diagnosis through ultrasound, and birthing.

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Consultation Services

We can help you protect your sheep or goats from diseases and viruses with vaccination protocols. Vaccines are a key component of flock health management programs. It is important to speak with your vet to determine the disease risks on your farm to establish an appropriate vaccine protocol.

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Laboratory Services

Our veterinarians can help determine the quality of your goat’s or sheep’s milk through our milk culturing tests. Our milk culturing is also used to diagnosis infections like mastitis. Milk culturing is completed in our in-house lab.

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Traditional Care

We provide traditional health, surgery, and emergency care. This care includes sick animal examinations, lambing and kidding problems, fracture repair, and other care.

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Small Ruminants Partners

You can access resources, information and tips from small ruminant industry experts and regulators here.

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