Serving Beef Cattle

Beef Cow Veterinary Care

Your beef cattle require the best care to ensure they remain healthy and viable. At Gull Lake Veterinary Services, we provide knowledgeable care and compassion when your animals need regular or emergency veterinary care. We also provide cattle producers with reproductive and consultation services to help their herd grow and remain sustainable.


Reproductive Services

It is important to determine which cows are pregnant to prepare for the birthing season to breed your beef cattle. Gull Lake Veterinary services can provide accurate pregnancy examinations through rectal palpation and ultrasound.

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Consultation Services

It is essential to consulate a veterinarian when determining which vaccines should be used for your herd, along with administration schedules and protocols. Our team can help determine a vaccination protocol customized to your herd based on your beef cattle, and market and operational goals.

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Laboratory Services

There are numerous external and internal parasites that beef cows can carry. Our team can screen for and identify parasites within your beef cattle. It is crucial to identify, isolate and treat your affected beef cows before parasites can spread to the rest of your herd.

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Traditional Care

Learn more about our traditional health, surgery and emergency care. Our vets provide sick cow examinations and surgeries for your beef cattle.

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Beef Partners

Find links to health tips and regulations for your beef cattle herd from our industry partners.

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