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Dairy Veterinarian Services

Ensuring your dairy herd’s health, production, and reproduction is important for your farm’s growth and economic sustainability. At Gull Lake Veterinary Services, we want to ensure your animals are healthy and their welfare is taken care of. As a clinic that focuses on dairy cows, we provide a wide array of specialized services for your herd. Whether it is regularly scheduled herd health, reproductive assessment, data analysis, embryo transfer or emergency treatment, our team is here to help your dairy operation.

Reproductive Services

Our team can assist with managing and improving your herd’s reproductive health and efficiency. Through regularly scheduled herd health checks and data analysis, we can assure that your herd is achieving optimal reproductive efficiency by monitoring pregnancy and conception rates, herd inventory, genetics, nutrition and overall health and wellness.

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Consultation Services

In addition to consultative and preventive medicine, we also provide traditional health, surgery and emergency care. This care includes sick cow examinations, surgeries such as LDA, RDA, cesarean section or hernia repair. We are also on-call 24/7 for any other emergencies that may arise.

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Calf and Heifer Management

Gull Lake Veterinary Services can help by providing disease monitoring and investigation, diagnostics, developing vaccine and treatment protocols, and establishing preventative programs for your dairy herd's calves and heifers.

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Laboratory Services

Milk culturing completed in our in-house milk lab is used to detect and identify microbes in milk. We recommend conducting a milk culture whenever you have a new mastitis case to aid in treatment decisions and monitor trends.

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Traditional Care

Gull Lake Veterinary Services provides traditional health, surgery and emergency care. This care includes sick cow examinations and surgeries. Learn how we can care for your dairy cows.

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Dairy Partners

Find links to our partners who can provide more information and regulations for the dairy industry to keep your dairy herd healthy and productive.

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