• Traditional Health, Surgery and Emergency Care
  • Reproductive Health Management
  • Cow Reproductive Services: Pregnancy Examination, Open Examination, Fetal Sexing
  • Consultation Services:Vaccination Protocols, Mastitis Control Protocols, Disease Treatment Protocols, Calf and Heifer Management
  • Laboratory Services: milk culturing, parasite analysis
  • Genetic consultation
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • Export Services


Alberta Milk  /  http://www.albertamilk.com/

Holstein Canada  /  https://www.holstein.ca/

Dairy Farmers of Canada  /  http://www.dairyfarmers.ca/

Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network  /  http://www.medvet.umontreal.ca/reseau_mammite/en/index.php

National Mastitis Council  /  http://www.nmconline.org/

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development  /  http://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/app21/rtw/index.jsp

Canadian Dairy Network  /  http://www.cdn.ca

CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency  /  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/eng/1297964599443/1297965645317

Cattle Hoof Trimmer Association  /  http://www.hooftrimmers.org/

AFAC  /  http://www.afac.ab.ca/